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Largest breakfast menu in Armstrong County

Breakfast Food Breakfast Food

Looking for a delicious and hearty breakfast to get you going? Need to be prepared for whatever the day has ahead for you? Dizzy Lizzie's Restaurant has the largest breakfast menu in Armstrong County, with far more options than any other diner or restaurant in the area. Our experienced cooks and staff has been with us for a long time. We're like a family here at Dizzy Lizzie's Restaurant. So stop in and let us feed you like family.

Breakfast served anytime at Dizzy Lizzie's

"What a tremendous experience from a place that clearly does it the right way. Fantastic people! Fantastic food! Fantastic service! Fantastic experience!"


- Mark Kopsack, via Facebook

Enjoy delicious


homestyle food just

how you like it!


Unbeatable Selection of Delicious Breakfast Food

Enjoy amazing breakfast dishes made fresh to order whenever you want them. Below is just a short sampling of some of the amazing items on Dizzy Lizzie's Restaurant menu.

• Eggs anyway you like them

• Omelettes with various toppings

• Hot cakes

• French toast

• Huge selections of sides

• Kids Korner options


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Over 20 different toppings to create your own special omelette!

Ask your server



Best Cakes in Western Pennsylvania

Ask your server about our Pancake-of-the-Month Special

Extra large cakes made from scratch in our kitchen – Served steaming hot off the griddle!








Cheese Omelette                                                        $5.99

Sausage & Cheese Omelette                                      $8.59

Ham & Cheese Omelette                                            $8.59

Spanish Omelette                                                       $8.59

Mushroom Omelette                                                   $8.59

Vegetable Omelette                                                    $8.59

Chili ‘n Cheese Omelette                                            $8.59

Western Omelette                                                      $8.59

Italian Omelette                                                         $8.99

       Onions, pepperoni, mushrooms,peppers,

        meat sauce, sausage & cheese

Steak Omelette                                                        $10.99

    Meat Lovers Omelette                                               $8.99

One Egg & Two Hot Cakes                                          $5.99

    Twp Farm Fresh Eggs &                            

Toast & Jelly                                                               $4.29

Sausage                                                                      $5.29

Crispy Bacon                                                               $5.29

Ham Slice                                                                    $5.59

The Old Fashioned                                                      $7.59

     Two scrambled eggs with diced ham. Served with

     home fries or hash browns.

Two Eggs, Corned Beef Hash & Toast                        $7.59

Two Eggs & Kielbassi                                                 $7.99

    With home fries & toast

Bonello’s Scrambled Special                                       $7.99

     Two eggs scrambled with onions, peppers,

     mushrooms, sausage and home fries.


     topped with cheese sauce.

Favorite                                                                       $7.99

     Two farm fresh eggs cooked how you like them,

     crispy bacon or sausage, hash browns or

     home fries & toast.

The Big B                                                                     $8.79

    Two eggs, two cakes, two bacon or sausage.

He-Man Breakfast                                                       $9.59

    Two eggs, three cakes, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, toast & juice.

NEW! Country Benedict                                               $7.99

    Scrambled eggs over biscuits, topped with sausage gravy.

NEW! Eggs Benedict                                                    $9.99

    Split-toasted english muffin, two poached eggs

    on ham with hollandaise sauce, served with

    side of home fries.

NEW! Salmon Benedict                                               $11.99

    Split-toasted english muffin, two poached eggs on

    salmon with hollandaise sauce, served with

    side of home fries.

Steak n’ Eggs                                                               $11.99

    Toast, home fries or hash browns.

Bagel                                                                           $2.99

Bagel with Cream Cheese                                           $3.79

Country Biscuits and Sausage Gravy                           $6.59

Waffle                                                                          $5.99

Waffle with Fruit Topping                                           $6.59

Gourmet Grilled Cinnamon with cream cheese icing  $3.99

L.A. Cinnamon Bread                                                   $7.99

    2 pieces of swirled cinnamon bread dipped in our own

    batter, grilled & served with special sauce. Includes

    bacon or sausage.

Patton’s Sandwich                                                       $6.59

Spinach Egg Croissant                                                 $7.99

   Egg, cheese, bacon or sausage on a muffin or toast.

    Served with potato.Scrambled egg, spinach, mushroom,

    onions, topped with cheddar cheese & hollandaise sauce

    on a grilled croissant. Served with home fries.

Breakfast Wrap                                                            $7.99

    Scrambled egg, ham, onions, pepper, shredded cheddar

    cheese in a tortilla wrap. Served with home fries.


    *prices vary according to ingredients…Ask waitress.

Two Hot Cakes                                                            $5.59

Two Hot Cakes with Blueberries                                 $6.59

One Hot Cake with Bacon or Sausage                         $4.79

Two Hot Cakes with Bacon or Sausage                       $6.59

Two Blueberry Cakes with Bacon or Sausage             $7.59

Two Hot Cakes and One Egg                                       $5.99

     In Season

Two Buckwheat Cakes                                                $6.59

Two Buckwheat Cakes with Bacon or Sausage          $7.59

Bonello’s French Toast, Two Slices                            $5.59

Bonello’s French Toast, Three Slices                         $6.99

    Bonello’s French Toast, Two Slices with

Bacon or Sausage                                                      $7.59

     Bonello’s French Toast, Three Slices    

with Bacon or Sausage                                              $8.59

Italian French Toast, Two Slices                                $6.99

    Italian French Toast, Two Slices  

with Bacon or Sausage                                              $7.99

     Italian French Toast, Three Slices

with Bacon or Sausage                                              $8.99

     Coconut French Toast

with Bacon or Sausage                                              $7.59

Stuffed French Toast                                                  $8.99

       With cream cheese, and topped with

       strawberries or blueberries

Mitchell’s Homemade mush                                       $5.59

Italian Toast                                                               $2.99

Raisin Toast                                                                $2.59

Toast                                                                           $2.29

One Egg                                                                     $1.99

Two Eggs                                                                    $2.99

Bacon, Ham or Sausage                                              $2.99

Cold Cereal                                                                 $2.89

Cold Cereal with Banana                                            $3.29

Hot Cereal                                                                  $3.99

Hot Cereal with Banana                                             $4.59

English Muffin                                                            $2.29

Coffee / Decaf Coffee                                                 $2.19

Pot of Tea                                                                   $2.19

Hot Chocolate                                                            $2.19

Milk                                          Small $2.19    Large  $2.89

Juice                                         Small $2.19    Large  $2.89

Corned Beef Hash                                                      $3.99

Home Fries                                                                 $2.99

Home Fries with Peppers and Onions                        $3.99

Hash Browns                                                              $2.99

NEW! Fresh Fruit Cup                                                 $3.99

    NEW! Potato Pancake                                                $2.99

5 Silver Dollar Cakes ‘n Bacon                                    $4.99

Scrambled Egg ‘n Bacon                                             $4.99

Two Pieces French Toast ‘n Bacon                              $4.99

PLEASE - No 1/2 Orders


Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict and Home Fries Pancakes